Last Blade 2 combo/strategy help thread, AKA I LOST BECAUSE I SUDDENLY FLASHED BLUE

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Last Blade 2 combo/strategy help thread, AKA I LOST BECAUSE I SUDDENLY FLASHED BLUE

Post  SomeCrimDude on Wed Sep 15, 2010 7:03 pm

A 1 on 1 sword fighting game in the vein of Samurai Shodown. It takes place in the Bakumatsu era as opposed to the feudal era.

Its gameplay has been described as a cross between the Marvel VS series, the King of Fighters series, and the Samurai Shodown series. Its deflect system works similar to Melty Blood's, albeit with a much higher risk/reward factor.

Quote provided from the Last Blade 2 Shoryuken Wiki.

Last Blade 2 , along with the first one, is a fantastic fighting game that is kind of underrated that it can have a simple or crazy-as-fuck learning curve.

In this thread I will try to give tutorials and tips on how to kill your enemies like the sadistic cruel bastard that you are a noble, strong swordman (Steelhandman in my case?).

If you're starting out, I recommend you that you start with Speed mode, to get the movement flow and so you don't get destroyed in Power mode's slow style.

If you want advanced tips, go here

My goal in this thread is to give the pros and cons, use of special moves and tactics for each character along with a rephrased explanation of this game's fight system, but at my own pace since I'm lazy as fuck, consider this as the intermediate guide.

I'll assume you already know the basic button layout, instead I'll tell you the other basics.

<A: A weak attack that comes out faster than the normal A, can combo unto itself with most characters

>B: Powerful Slash, can't cancel out of it, use at your own discretion.

>C: Strong Kick, will send out the opponent flying until he hits the wall, you can cancel out of this in Power mode.

df+C: Strong Low Kick, trips the opponent.

D: Yeah this is not only for parrying.

D can be used to use the Recover maneuver, this causes you to stand up quickly if you're knocked down the ground and stabilize yourself in the air, HOWEVER YOU AREN'T INVINCIBLE WHILE DOING IT, THE OPPONENT CAN DO ANOTHER COMBO IF THEY PREDICT IT, So use it carefully.

Don't mash it either if you're in the air, you will whiff the air parry and you will be completely open while falling or when you land.

There are different ways of landing:

NORMAL: A slight bounce, you can use the Recover.

SLIDE: You will slide on the floor, you can't use the Recover.

NO BOUNCE: From the Strong Kick and some throws, you can't use the Recover.

STRONG BOUNCE: You will bounce off the ground with great intensity, you can't use the Recover.

LAUNCH: You will land face first, you CAN use the Recover when your face eats the dust, but not after you lie face down.



-Can do combo strings, example: A,A,B,>B/Special Move
-Deals really low damage compared to Power and EX
-Has Universal Overhead (BC)
-Has the Super Speed Combo (SSC)

The SCC can be executed by pressing D, D+A/B; A is HIGH and B is LOW, upon contact you have to input a series of attacks, characters have a rather different "tree" that can yield the same goal.

ALL characters have the same "normal" string, but they have other 3 roads.

HEAVY CLASS: Setsuna, Juzoh, Amano, Mukuro, Shigen.
MID CLASS: Kaede, Yuki, Akari, Hibiki, Wachizuka, Okina, Kagami
WEAK CLASS: Moriya, Kojiroh, Lee, Zantetsu























-Deals the highest damage
-Special Moves can be Super Canceled
-Has the Unblockable Attack (BC), it can be delayed by holding down the buttons
-Normal Attacks can cause chip damage (But not able to kill, only special move chip damage can)
-At low health when it flashes, you can use the Super Desperation Moves (SDM) with B
-Block Stagger, meaning you can't immediately counterattack a blocked WEAPON attack from a Power mode user.


EX mode has the superficial qualities of both Speed and Power modes, as in, you can do a full combo string along with a Super Cancel if the character allows it, but the penalty to it is that you take more damage and your super bar fills slowly.

It sucks on most character, all around EX mode sucks.

The code to getting EX mode is as follows, at the mode select:

Go to Speed, Press C 6 times
Go to Power, Press B 3 times
Go to Speed, Press C 4 times

You have to do it in less than 10 seconds.

NOTE: Character's move can also be different depending on the mode you're using.


Yeah, parries aren't that simple, but not hard when you get used to it. From starting frame to the half of the animation is the active time when you parry the attack, after that half your character will revert to it's normal stance, but opponents can attack you for a full combo if they're fast enough, since you can't block while the blue trails are present.

NORMAL PARRY: Just press D, you will parry mid and high attacks, when I say high, I mean jumping attacks and overheads, what are overheads? they're attacks you can't block while crouching.

LOW PARRY: Down+D, you will parry mid and low attacks.

AIR PARRY: Pressing D in the air, I consider this the safest method because you can parry all hits (Yes, character's low attacks can hit airbone opponents) HOWEVER the timing is strict, you have to press D JUST as it hits you, as in, immediately before you get hit, YOU CAN USE AIR ATTACKS BUT NOT THE D KNOCKDOWN.

SPECIAL PARRY: This applies to all of the above, Press Forward+D for standing/ air and Down-Forward+D for low, with this you can parry special moves (NOT projectiles), the timing is almost as strict as the air parry, I suggest you press FORWARD when you parry, you can't block while the animation is on anyway, I suggest practicing with the training dummy in Practice mode for last-second parries.

EMERGENCY PARRY: Input b,d,db+D (rdp for those familiar with it) while blocking (mashing it helps it seems), characters will block then force out a parry hit that interrupts the opponent's ongoing attack, like Moriya's Desperation Move. This method needs to have a portion of energy bar, although I don't know how much exactly, to be able to execute it after which will completely deplete your super bar. From a recent experience, it can miss if you're really far away, but it must be a really rare occurrence.

After parrying, you can press D again for a knockdown (SLIDE), but it is better if you do your combo of choice, unless you used the EMERGENCY PARRY.


AB: This is used to let out your character's Desperation Move. (DM)
CD: Normal Grab, of course you have to be close.
BC: Either Speed mode's Universal Overhead or Power's Unblockable.


Knocked down opponents can be hurt from these, these are either Normal Kicks or other means that are exclusive to the character, I will list them right now:

df+B: Kaede, Moriya, Yuki, Setsuna, Akari, Amano, Hibiki, Wachizuka, Kojiroh, Okina, Zantetsu, Kagami.
up+B: Juzoh, Mukuro
up+C: Akari, Lee
df+C: Shigen

Juzoh: He can use his dp+A/B to damage them, also he can run over them for minimal damage.
Shigen: When his opponent is knocked down, his CD Normal Throw turns into his Ground Throw, which is better then df+C, but you have to be close.
Zantetsu: his air kunais (qcf+A/B>qcf+A/B) will do full damage on knocked down opponents, everyone will hate you for this, including me.

Later posts will be analysis of the character attacks, I'll also answer question if you have any doubts.

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Re: Last Blade 2 combo/strategy help thread, AKA I LOST BECAUSE I SUDDENLY FLASHED BLUE

Post  My Li'l Pwny on Thu Sep 30, 2010 11:30 pm

Already better than SRK's forgotten LB2 page.

My Li'l Pwny

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Re: Last Blade 2 combo/strategy help thread, AKA I LOST BECAUSE I SUDDENLY FLASHED BLUE

Post  tonshaad1230 on Sun Nov 14, 2010 9:49 pm

Oh nice if you need any assistance in character lists, i'm the guy. I play LB2 like its MK, so you got a friend in me!

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Re: Last Blade 2 combo/strategy help thread, AKA I LOST BECAUSE I SUDDENLY FLASHED BLUE

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