Complaint against Tonshaad in West Wonderland

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Complaint against Tonshaad in West Wonderland Empty Complaint against Tonshaad in West Wonderland

Post  nwo on Sat Feb 26, 2011 7:46 pm

Tonshaad has been harassing us daily in West Wonderland. I host 4 player UMK3 games often, he will join using a weird name, I know its him cause he has a 19 - 23ms ping, and it's an admin because he actually starts my game for me before we are ready with his admin powers, then when I try to kick him it won't let me cause he's an admin. So what I did was tell everyone to go to "galaxy" so he can't harass us, the next thing you know, he joins galaxy before me using my name and when I try to join it says "no duplicate names allowed." So I then make up an alternate name, "Mike," and I join and tell them that this is not the real me, and he's hosting UMK3 and talking sh*t to them under my name. So I go back to WW using my real name "nwo" and I create another game, they come back in from galaxy, Tonshaad then joins WW using the name "Mike" and joins my game and says "hey guys this isn't the real me." So we then join East Wonderland, and he then changes his name to another guy "j420" that was playing with us and joins East Wonderland before the real one does so he couldn't join, and while arguing with him inside of East Wonderland he admitted he was Tonshaad, but his admin powers wouldn't work there, if you need proof, I can get at least 3 other people as witnesses, McNasty, j420, and Eternal, maybe even one other person. We then joined West Wonderland MK, as soon as we got in, he banned all of us from that server.

All this is on top of the random, daily kicks, and bans he does to me at West Wonderland. I'm not the only one either, If you want I could probably get 10 other people with their own Tonshaad abusing power stories.


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