Calling all players.

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Calling all players. Empty Calling all players.

Post  JLW2490 on Sun Apr 11, 2010 3:55 pm

Well Hi there! JLW's the name. Doing videos is my thing. And as of lately, my usually routine of fighting game
videos has become a bit of a bore to me. Now I was thinking. Hey my other favorites are Nintendo and a little Sega. I tried several playthroughs offline and they went while, but it wasn't enough. Then a Idea hit me and I was like "Hey! How about a online video of Nintendo games? That would be great!"

So I'm looking for participants *your moment to be included in my vids and what not* for various co-op, beat 'em ups, fighters, puzzles, hey whatever as long as it's Sega or Snes. you don't even have to be pro for all I care! *cause I'm definately not at Streets of Rage 2 or Golden Axe Neutral*

Anyhow if you're reading this, Hit me up with a PM or a Date. If you got Yahoo, my email should be by my profile. If you got AIM, same thing.

Thanks in advance.

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Calling all players. Empty Re: Calling all players.

Post  buubuu on Wed Apr 14, 2010 12:31 pm

Sure count me in my type of games Very Happy

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