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Post  =[CATZ]=King Bradley on Sat May 15, 2010 2:52 am

ChibiChan's chun-li mysteriously refuse to move only after a fatal bear-hug from Edmond Honda that set her free and gain back control with some health left only to be grabbed again with another bear-hug that finished off in a perfect win. **Ironic**

This has never happen before in all of kaillera dureing play. Either chibi was taunting me for a chance (Chibi don't give chances) or karma stopped her controller just in the right time.

Here is the chat we had when this happen:

<ChibiChan> ok...
<ChibiChan> i cant move?
<ChibiChan> okaaay?
<ChibiChan> couldnt move that round
<ChibiChan> gg
<=[CATZ]=King Bradley> CLOSE
* Player 1 (=[CATZ]=King Bradley) dropped from the current game.
* Player 2 (ChibiChan) dropped from the current game.
* ChibiChan left the game's partyline.

Me and ChibiChan's streak match became a tie, oh and my perfect. rabbit
=[CATZ]=King Bradley
=[CATZ]=King Bradley

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